Blue Lake Township fiscal year ends June 30.  We have 5 Government funds.

The General Fund is the chief operating fund of the Township.  At the end of the 2015 fiscal year, unreserved fund balance of the General Fund and the total fund balance was $273,090.  Unreserved fund balance represents 178 percent of total general fund annual expenditures.  The fund balance of the Township’s general fund decreased by $46,871 during the fiscal year mainly because of a transfer of $75,000 to the Improvement Fund 

The Improvement fund is a revolving fund maintained by the Township to pay for any type of improvements in the township.  Oil and gas royalties and lease of land for the Version Cellular communications tower (located on Township property behind the Fire Barn) generates the majority of revenues for this fund.   At the end of the current fiscal year the total fund balance was $109,807 increasing by $85,126 during the current fiscal year.