Taxpayer General Information

  • The Treasurer is responsible for the collection of taxes
  • Property Owners receive tax bills twice a year around July 1 and December 1
  • Tax bills are always due on September 14 and February 14 unless the 14th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday then they are due the next business day
  • Mail must be postmarked by due date
  • Interest fees begin September 15 and February 15
  • Taxes become delinquent on March 1st of each year and tax bills are passed on to the County Treasurer, who will levy additional late fees. Those payments are not updated on this website.
  • Make checks payable to: Blue Lake Township
  • Cash payments must be for the exact amount
  • There is a drop box at the Township Hall’s main entrance.
  • Property owners are responsible for notifying the Treasurer if their mailing address changes. Taxes are due whether or not the bill is received

Mortage and/or Title Company Information

  • Requests for Summer/Winter tax bill payment information can be made during office hours or by Fax (231) 587-4066
  • We have no specials assessments or water, sewer bills
  • A PDF file containing the current Paid/Unpaid Report is available at the right.
  • Assessed and Taxable Values are also available at the right.
  • Prior year tax payment information is available at www.kalkaskacounty.net. Scroll down to locate Property Serach in the left hand column, enter the Tax Property Number or call the Kalkaska County Treasurer’s Office at (231) 258-3310

Credit Card Payments

There is a 3% Convenience Fee charged and paid to Point N Pay for the use of your credit card to pay your tax bill.

Click on link at the bottom of left hand column on this page.

Once you are on the Blue Lake Township page at BS&A you will have to register/sign in to access your tax bill.  You can then access your tax bill by last name, address or property number. 

Step 1: Select pay tax bill. Enter all information.

Step 2: Review and Submit. Here you will see the Convenience Fee charged.

Step 3: Confirmation and receipt.  Print out for your records.

Summer Deferments

An owner of eligible property may file a completed summer property tax deferment with our office before September 14. A valid deferment permits summer property taxes to be paid on or before February 14 without any additional penalty and interest.

Taxpayers may defer their summer property tax, on their principal residence, if they meet the following criteria:

  • Has a total gross household income of $40,000 or less for the preceding tax year, AND
  • Is totally and permanently disabled, blind, paraplegic, hemiplegic, quadriplegic, OR
  • Is an eligible serviceperson, eligible veteran, or eligible widow or widower, OR
  • Is at least age 62

Requests for application can be made in person during regular office hours, by mail phone or fax. Or applications are available on line at the Michigan Department of Treasury, type Form 471 in the search box for the application and two pages of FAQs.

Hardship / Poverty Exemption is also available if you meet certain income requirements.  This can be found on the Board of Review web page

This page last updated on 8/14/2019.

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