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Fire and Rescue

The Blue Lake Fire Barn is located at 7534 Blue Lake Rd -  Kalkaska, Mi 49646 just north of Blue Lake.  The Fire and Rescue Department meets at 7:00 PM every Monday at the Fire Barn.

The Fire Department recommended that we have a source of water on the west side of the Township.  Since the water level in Twin Lake has gone down the dry hydrant at the causeway has become unusable.  In order to accommodate this request the Township has contracted to have built a high capacity well and storage building at the back of the Township parking lot.  This well will be available to any area fire department and has the capacity to pump water at the rate of 300 gallons per minute into tanker trucks.  Even with all the lakes around getting water to fight fires can be difficult, this new well should help.  ANR Gas Storage Co (TransCanada) has given Blue Lake Township a $10,000 Grant to help pay for this well. 

The back parking lot at the township hall was paved to improve the use of the water well.  When first tested it became very evident that a paved lot was need because of the high volume of water and mud that quickly accumulated.  The paving was paid for by using Township Improvement funds and cost $24,720.

The Department had 52 runs in 2014 and usually averages at about 45 runs per year.  Most of the calls the Fire Department receives are for Medical and Rescue Services.  The Blue Lake Fire and Rescue Department is an all-volunteer service, even so several of our members have been trained as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs).  If you are interested in the Fire Department just show up any Monday night, they will be glad to show you around.  You can also contact our Fire Chief Bob Barr.

A five year millage of 1.0 mill that passed by the voters on August 3, 2010 maintains the Fire and Rescue fund.  This millage is active through the 2015 tax year.  The Fire and Rescue department uses this fund for operational and equipment needs.  At the end of the 2014 fiscal year the total Fire and Rescue fund balance was $ 246,145 increasing by $ 37,875 during the current fiscal year.

Members of the Fire Department as of 10/1/11

  • Bob Barr, Chief, EMT, Firefighter 
  • Randy Dickens, Assistant Chief, EMT-S, Firefighter
  • Norm Moyer, Captain, MFR, Firefighter
  • Kerry Boyer, EMT, Firefighter
  • Greg Brierley, EMT, Firefighter
  • Karen David, EMT, NC Firefighter
  • Jeff Lavender, NC Firefighter
  • Mary Shaw, MFR, Firefighter
  • Larry Shoemaker, MFR, Firefighter
  • Jim Sisson, EMT, NC Firefighter
  • Jack Walls, Firefighter


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