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Fire and Rescue

The Blue Lake Twp. Firefighters would like to thank our community for all the continued support. 

 Blue Lake Township is hiring for the position of Paid on Call Firefighter.

No training necessary. The department pays for Training to become a State Certified Firefighter and Medical Lic. 

Contact Fire Chief Brierley or speak with any member of the department for information. 

The Blue Lake Fire Station is located at 7534 Blue Lake Rd - Kalkaska, MI 49646 just north of Blue Lake.

Blue Lake Township Fire Department meets every Monday evening at 7pm for training on all types of fire and medical responses. 

BURN PERMITS- click on the link below to see if burn permits are issued for the day and time you would like to burn. 


New to the Department

Thanks to a Federal Grant Blue Lake Twp. FD received 10 new Scott SCBA air packs with 10 masks and 20- 45 min bottles.

Thanks to a State of Michigan equipment grant Blue Lake Twp. FD received 2 new Thermal imaging camereas.

Blue Lake Twp. FD placed into service on 03-18-2024 a new Side x Side equipped with a full heated cab, scene lights, emergency lights and medical transport slide in bed. 100% of the money used to purchase the new Side X Side came from Grants and Donations.  

Blue Lake Twp. FD would like to welcome our newest member

Jeff Greer-  Jeff comes to BLTFD with experience in hazardous material response. 


  Blue Lake Township  Fire Chief Greg Brierley.

Chief Brierley took over the Fire Department May 1st 2020 replacing Bob Barr who has been Fire Chief for the Last 20+ years. Bob will be staying on the department as Captain.

Chief Brierley has been with the  Blue Lake Twp. Fire Department for over 20 years, and brings with him a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge. Prior to taking over as Chief he retired from the City of Ypsilanti Fire Department in 2014 where he was a Firefighter/ Engineer, HazMat Technician, EMT, and Arson Investigator. He has also been with the Milan Area Fire department for over 30 years where he has held the ranks of Lieutenant, Captain, Assistant Fire Chief, and Fire Marshal. 


Fire Chiefs report 

Please check the above DNR link for any open burning you may want to do. the link will let you know if you can burn in Kalkaska County and each individual Township.



  The Blue Lake Twp. Fire Department is a paid on call Department. Our Firefighters are paid by the hour for calls they respond to, and all training is paid. Firefighters respond to the station when an emergency call is dispatched from Kalkaska County Sheriff Department. 


If you are interested in learning more about the Blue Lake Twp. Fire Department contact Fire Chief Greg Brierley (734-216-9137) or email bluelakefirechief@att.net

A five year millage of 1.8 was passed by the voters on May 4th, 2021 which maintains the Fire Departments Budget. The Fire Department uses these fund for operational and equipment needs.

Members of the Fire Department:

  • Greg Brierley, Chief, EMT, Firefighter I & II, Haz Mat Tech.
  • Randy Dickens, Assistant Chief, EMT, Firefighter I & II
  • Kerry Boyer, Captain, EMT, Firefighter I & II, IC
  • Cody Brierley, EMT, Firefighter I & II, Haz Mat
  • Larry Shoemaker, MFR, Firefighter I & II
  • Jack Walls, Engineer/FF I
  • Todd Brozovich  Firefighter I & II, Haz Mat
  • Pam Clark, Firefighter I & II, Haz Mat
  • Mike Clark, MFR, Firefighter I & II, Haz Mat
  • Dean McClenaghan, Firefighter I & II, Haz Mat
  • Kevin Ivkovich, Firefighter I & II, Haz Mat
  • Alex Porter  Firefighter I & II, Haz Mat
  • Rick Marcinkus  MFR/ Engineer FF
  • Tim Brochue FF
  • Cole Nagy EMR/ FFI & FFII Haz Mat Confined Space
  • Troy Robertson FF I &II Haz Mat. 
  • Jeff Greer FF/ Hazardous Material mitigation
  • K-9 Benelli, Search & Rescue




                           History of Blue Lake Township Fire Department

                                        Kalkaska County Mi  (Station 4)


The Blue Lake Twp. Fire Department was formed in 1974 with 8 volunteers.

Runs per year

2000- 83

2001- 38

2002- 65

2003- 56

2004- 63

2005- 53

2006- 41

2007- 54

2008- 48

2009- 45

2010- 38

2011- 46

2012- 46

2013- 57

2014- 47

2015- 57

2016- 58 

2017- 72

2018- 52

2019- 62

2020- 101

2021- 135

2022- 118

2023- 73


Blue Lake Township has had 6 Fire Chiefs to date.

1-      Jim Dirosa

2-      Al Former

3-      Craig Edlund

4-      Norm Moyer

5-      Bob Barr- 1995 Retired Jan. 31 2023

6-      Greg Brierley 2019 till present


Original Fire station was located at 10599 Twin Lake Rd NE Kalkaska Co. 49646.

The station consisted of a 1 room building and housed the Townships very first fire truck a used 1949 Chevy Fire Engine that was donated by the Kalkaska Fire Department.

 From 1974 till 1983 the Department only ran on Fires.

 In 1977 The Fire Department had outgrown the 1 room station on Twin Lake Rd and with the addition of a new fire truck the Fire Department had to look for a new location and begin construction of a new Fire Barn. (The new Fire Truck was a Kalkaska County purchase that included a new mini pumper for every department in the County.)

The members of the department put in several hours getting the new site ready for construction pouring the foundation and concrete pad for the trucks. A construction company came in after the cement work was done and built the new Fire Barn located at 7534 Blue Lake Rd. Kalkaska Mi 49646.

 In 1982 Firefighter Bob Barr who later became the Chief (1995) was the first Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) on the Department.

 By 1983 the department had 17 volunteers and with assistance from Kalkaska County the Department started running medical calls as well as fires.

 In January 2001, The Fire Department lost all its equipment except for a pumper/ tanker which was stored in a separate building when the Fire Barn burned to the ground (The fire was investigated and determined to be electrical. A battery tender that was hooked up to the Argo off road vehicle).

 The Fire Station was rebuilt by early 2002. With all the other department trucks destroyed in the fire Blue Lake Twp. Had to run with the only truck not lost in the fire and a rescue truck on loan/ lease from Cold Springs Twp. Fire Department until replacement vehicles could be purchased and fabricated. First up for replacement was the Fire Engine from CSI in Grayling MI. CSI jumped Blue Lake Twp. Fire Department to the front of the production line thanks to all their current customers understanding the situation. It took 9 months for the truck to be constructed and delivered. At that point it took a total of 5 years to replace the remaining tucks lost in the fire.

Immediately after the fire Many Michigan Fire Departments began to contact Blue Lake Fire Department to see how they could help by donating Fire Fighters turn out gear, SCBA, Fire hose and other equipment so the Department could keep responding to emergency calls.

 In 2010 the Department purchased a Ford 550 utility truck with a flatbed to haul the replaced 8 wheeled Argo off road vehicle. This eliminated the use of hauling the Argo on a trailer.

In May of 2020 The Twp. Hired its first full time Fire Chief.

In 2020 the Fire Department bought it's first set of Hydraulic Tools (Jaws of Life) for extrication, and a 4-gas monitor to detect Carbon monoxide, H2S, oxygen levels, & Lower explosive limits.

In 2021 for the first time the Fire Department implemented the Blue Lake Twp. Fire Academy.  The result of Academy #1 was 7 new Certified Firefighters in Blue Lake Twp.

In 2021 the Fire Department put into service for the first time 2 Thermal Imaging cameras (TIC) to allow Firefighters to see in smoked filled environments.

2021 The Fire Department made the switch from High Ban Pagers to Dual Ban 800 MHz Pagers.

2021 The Fire Department added Ipad's to the trucks to assists with dispatching information, as well as mapping. This also gives the department full access to the web for any information needed during and emergency. 

2021 The Fire Department received a donation from Milan Area Fire Department a complete set of Holmatro hydraulic tools. The replaced set of hydraulic tools were donated to Boardman Twp. Fire Department.

2022 The Fire Department received a Holmatro hydraulic Ram donated by Robinson Fire Department.

 2022 Blue Lake Twp. FD put into service new Bullard Traditional style helmets and a battery operated/ 110 positive pressure fan purchased by a grant from Trans Canada.

2023 Blue Lake Twp. FD put into service 4 new Imperial Ice rescue dry suits.

2023 Blue Lake Twp. Added A new Honda portable generator with 2 tripod led lights.

2024 Blue Lake Twp. placed into service 2 full size thermal imaging cameras. 

2024 Blue Lake Twp. was awarded a Federal grant placing 10 new SCOTT SCBA in service. 

2024 Blue Lake Twp. placed into service a 2023 Artic Cat 800 Crew Side Side

Blue Lake Twp. Fire Department in 2021.

 Chief, Assistant Chief, Captain, & Lieutenant with 15 Fire Fighters


Rescue- 2000 Ford F550

Engine- 2001 Freightliner

Brush truck- 2003 Ford F350

Argo- 2005 8 wheeled off road vehicle

Tanker- 2006 International

4-Wheeler- 2008 Polaris

Utility truck- 2009 Ford F450

Rescue Boat- 2020 Mercury 

Side x Side orv- 2023 Textron 800 SX crew



 From 1974 thru 2001 the Fire Department operated with funds shared by the Township Board out of the General Fund leaving the Department to operate with limited funds. Every dollar for the Fire Department was a struggle to get from the Township Board. The Township Board strongly supported the Fire Department, but they were frugal with funding.

In 2001 the Fire Department started operating with a 1.0 Millage voted on and accepted by the Township residents. 

In 2021 Blue Lake Twp. put out to the Citizens a new Millage for the Fire Department of 1.8 Mill. The Citizens of Blue Lake Twp. voted yes for the millage increase.